Why Grace to the Humble?

Why Grace to the Humble?


Established in 2019 and rejuvenated during the global pandemic of 2020, Grace to the Humble is a brand that embodies thriving even in difficult times.


We define ourselves as a group who push boundaries and create impact through various mediums including fashion and content.


Our name is taken from the biblical passage 1 Peter 5:5 - 'God opposes the proud but gives grace to the Humble. This doesn't talk of pride in the context of joy over an accomplishment of yourself or others, but of a conceit that continually thrives at the expense of others. Therefore we cling to the type of humility Merriam-Webster states as freedom from pride or arrogance.

We very much believe a great individual can inspire and grow community, as well as a great community inspiring and growing a great individual. 

Let's break down the meanings of Grace and Humble:




  1. beauty, harmony, or charm in bearing, appearance, or motion.
  2. any aspect of one's bearing, personality, or talents that reveals beauty, harmony, or charm.
  3. the inclination to do what is kind, right, or considerate.
  4. in some religions, especially Christianity, the condition of being favoured, loved, or saved by God, especially if this favour is unearned.
  5. in some religions, especially Christianity, the manifestation of God's action in man.





  1. not prideful or pretentious; modest.
  2. showing deference; respectful.


We believe we incorporate the multiple meanings above, into a beautiful, versatile and passionate company.


Therefore we would give Grace to the Humble the following meaning: 

Grace to the Humble


Sometimes abbreviated GTTH or GH, never G2TH.


Grels tu thə huhm-bəl

  1. Encapsulating beauty, harmony, kindness and favour we aim to influence

community and culture through creative expression and action



Why do we do what we do?

We want to influence community and culture through creative expression and action.


How we do you what we do?

We believe:

  • Anything we produce should be of great quality;
  • It should be created or produced ethically;
  • There should be a component of giving back through time, money, energy, effort or education



What do we do?

  • We create incredible fashion pieces with mixtures of simplicity, elegance and gravitas;
  • A portion of profits from these pieces are given to various charities for social causes ranging from homelessness to mental health depending on the collection. (e.g. Our essentials collection donates to homeless charities).
  • We produce social commentary on some of the most pressing social issues


We hope to collaborate with other forward thinking brands, companies, and institutions to inspire, to influence and to impact.


While you're here why not checkout out our essential line, with a portion of the profits going to homelessness charities and initiatives like Evolve Housing + Support

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